Lipht - About Us

Lipht Products was founded on the belief that you should have access to high quality products at exceptionally affordable prices.

Our goal is to provide you with availability and choice over your lifestyle. 

We carry a variety of Kratom and CBD products suited so you can determine your preferred level of dosage and time release. Both Kratom and CBD have similar quality benefits from aiding in stress, muscle or anxiety relief. The difference is the form of ingestion and dosage amount needed for that relief.

All Lipht Products extracts are crafted with the highest standard of purity, and the end product leaves us with an organic, natural, and therapeutic alternative to finding relief.

Here at Lipht Products, we are committed to upholding that standard by providing only certified, domestically sourced hemp. Our hemp is thoughtfully collected with an enormous focus on protecting the environment, sustainability, and making a difference in the lives of those in need.



We send our products to be Third Party Tested insuring the most premium quality and potency. Take a look below!



Premium quality potency at the best cost in the market.

Lipht Products travels out all over the nation so consumers can experience our products. We are regular exhibitors of the Champs Trade Show, ASD Market Week, BIG Industry Shows, and ECC.

Contact us for future Trade Show dates!